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Airline Companies part 2: Air Serbia Etihad, Emirates and EasyJet

We are so used to things we hardly never make changes, and yet they might turn out positive surprises, such as my flight with the following airline companies: 

photo worldairlinenews.com
I was positively supriced about the Serbian airline company; Airserbia 
I took my flight from Milan to Belgrade and I was truly impressed.
What happens nowadays with European airline companies, is that they cut from most services. Like, no food, or baggage. Like if we didn't need stuff with us to where we go, or we won't get hungry and thirsty on plane. Airserbia hasn't cut them yet. That's probably because they belong to the Etihad group. 

photo www.webeconomia.it
I had Etihad on my way to Australia in 2014. 
I thought I wouldn't be seated next to any man, since I am a single white woman travelling. On a contrary both ways. Men all over. LOL
My flight to Australia was from Milan Malpensa airport, where the Etihad airport handling personal gave me wrong instructions of my final destination. Since the flight went through Melbourne to Sydney I found it peculiar that my luggages would fly directly to Sydney and customed out there. As a matter of fact, I needed to custom my luggages at Melbourne. Not that it ruined my flight. It only made me run to get an other flight. 
For the rest all flights went just perfectly and I was kept full with food and beverage continuously. The seats are comfortable and the entertainment system is pretty wide. I truly enjoyed the music part that had also arab and indian music with it. It excluded films  that might have something to do with nudity and had a wide selection Bollywood material. Also Abu Dhabi airport was comfortable. 
I was impressed of the quantity of the different class it's possible to choose to flight with Etihad. From "low low low cost" up to the royal class. I flew with the regular low cost.
The point system with Etihad isn't really clear. Since the airline company co-operates with several other companies, such as Virgin Australia,  Virgin Australia does't seem to regon points of flights bought by other airline companies. Next to the regular partnership they also have mutual partnership with many other airline companies, such as KLM. http://www.etihad.com

photo www.viaggiarenews.com
An other far east company I flew was Emirates, from Milan to Bangkok. The flight was just perfect, Dubai airport I found far too big and confusing, and a lots of shops. I need a larger salary to visit all shops. And too many hours between combine flights. Emirates points might turn out usefull with Easy Jet flights.  And it is really clearly pointed out in their membership programme. This airline company has little or none really "knock me of" deals.  As a matter of fact, I chose them just out of curiosity. http://fly4.emirates.com

photo www.viaggiarenews.com
EasyJet is the company I use most often. First of all, I think they have absolutely brilliant marketing politics. They actually build and keep airports on going. Like Milan Malpensa Terminal 2. It is totally and only for Easy Jet flights. Besides the web pages and application, they really have given out some cash to make everything really simple. It is the iPhone of the airline companies. I want that webdesigner and app maker to work with me too. Easy Jet as far as I understood, is doing co-operation with Emirates. No points with Easy Jet, but with Emirates points is possible to take an award flight with Easy Jet.
I think it's brilliant. I don't mind at all when the flight attendants sell products. I only wish they used right terms to propose them. Easy Jet is like a second home to me.
(please feel free to award me with upgrade or free flights, LOL) 

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