Friday, 2 September 2016

Happy Belgrade

My friend had been inviting me to visit his hometown Belgrade for several times, but for one reason or another, I never went with him.

Then one day, I said yes.

I booked a flight with Airserbia that turned out to be a pleasant surprise. They belong to the Etihad group and my flights were just perfect.

I did't do any background research of Serbia nor about Belgrade, because I didn't want to have expectations nor fixed ideas. I wanted local people to lead me. And it was the wisest thing I could have done.

My first meal at the very first day was indeed very special: a home made rooster soup that in my plate looked like this. And it was delicious  After it, I definitely needed a beer:

What could I possibly have been better choice  with + 30°C heat and with all that adrenaline I had? 

There are plenty of terraces to sit down and people are really nice. Price of a pin is proximately 1,8€

Down town area offers a lots of shops and a sort of mall, where artisans sell their own products. I bought two shirts and one of them I'm wearing while writing all this

To sit down for a bit quieter area and fine dining I found this beautifully decorated street

Belgrade has a long story of changes and inquisitions mostly ottoman and muslim. As a matter of fact they are not really keen of muslims and due to that old hate they apparently behaved not truly civilized during the last Bosnia- Herzecovina  war. 
Belgrade is situated between two rivers: Sava and Donau and is as high as 116 meters above sea level. 
view from the fortress

With the friend of mine I had the opportunity to visit the town of Belgrade by city sight seeing, walking kilometres under the burning sun and enjoy lovely local food. In the centrum area there is still this one quartier Skadarlija with it's street from the period of Turkish inquision, that has the most uncomfortable pavement for high heels. And a lots of excellent restaurants.  

Tri Sesira

Skadarlija quartier

I felt in love with the quartier of Zemum. An old town that used to be in the border of Austria. 
It looked like nothing had changed ever since. 
The river side hosts many fancy restaurants. In one of them we had a great sea food diner.  
In a top of the hill there is this beautiful Cardo's tower from where I could admire the view over Belgrade, two rivers, the Battle Island, and the magnificent landscape. 

I can imagine that visiting Belgrade does not pump in to many people mind. My advise is to go there. The city is in the movement, and is really convenient to investors. 

Savamala, that is the area near river, just close to the centrum area, has actually lovely out door places such as discos and bars. Around 1830 gypsies started their settlements with their hovels. 20 years later brick houses were build in the place of hovels that artisans later took over. Today the city of Belgrade wants to improve the area and has ambitious plans about it. Once it is done it will look like Dubai


In case you are planning a business trip to Belgrade, I am more than willing to be your tour leader. It would be my pleasure to go back to Belgrade. 

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