Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Fear of hight


For many years I suffered of fear of hight. Vertigo. 
This scenery would have never taken place in my life.


It was a hell to imagine me taking a flight. Or climb up to a high building. 
I even bought an apartment in a ground floor. 

As much as I would like to visit Fjords in Norway and have the best view, I could never be able to stand up in a rock that might fall down at any minute. Nor jump in it.  


This vertigo was so bad, I nearly fainted on my way to the bell tower of the Utrecht Cathedral. 
I wasn't scared or claustrophobic on my way to the top roof of the Twin Towers, once in New York, but I couldn't walk close to the windows to admire the view or Potomac River. 

The fear of something is a trauma we never worked out.
Once I figured out what caused my trauma, I could work on it and get rid of it. 
And my whole life changed.

My last top roof experience was in Sydney, when visiting the Tower Eye and walked in the glass bridge with my lovely and courageous cousins.  

Nor I feared the passage in the Blue Mountains in this particular scenic skyway. It has a partial glass bottom that opens for the passengers only in the middle of the passage. 

It is not possible to have vertigo if one of the elevators of Eiffel Tower is out of order and I only have one day to visit Paris. No. I took the stairs instead. 

Today I can take a flight, sleep the whole time sitting in an aeroplane and wake up once at the final destination. 
I even like to look out while the plane is landing.  
Yes. This could be me sitting next to you


Vertigo can be so life limiting that if you are suffering from it, try to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Is there anything that you fear? 
Any high place you would like to visit but you don't dare?

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